Travelling again!

Musicians’ lives are demanding and beautiful. This time, music will take Roger Vignoles and me to The Danube Festival of Song, a rare gem among the festivals: it focuses on the song form. Travelling and singing verses, I feel almost as being a troubadour or a minstrel! Instead of a lute, I bring a fellow pianist and whole piano with me … 

(well, not quite, piano usually waits for us, fortunately!) I am also happy that I will be back to Slovakia, which I love visiting. There are a lot of similarities between north Croatia, where I grew up, and Slovakia, and I always feel as if coming home when I go there. I absolutely LOVE the programme that we will be performing: Schumann, Tomašek and Dvorak. Each of them is deeply emotional and very real, lively. I feel as if they live in this time because I am able to grasp emotions that they are bringing in songs. It will be such joy performing their songs – and with Roger at the piano, it is just wonderful to have the opportunity to sing this programme!